Erotic Art



Apparently we have seen all kinds of art, but Silverman adds flair to his. There is a touch of fantasy to his self portrait, but then I wonder what fantasy is and what isn't. I wouldn't mind seeing him face to face, and yet the women portrayed in the art don't look posed at all. I could almost feel how the woman's pants split being spread on a chair with her legs on both sides. There is a lot of self pleasure in this first series, the women's fingers just fly when they are having fun. If that doesn't tickle you, don't mind my pun, those machines of chains and suction look especially hot, but then I do love to fantasize. Silverman might not be drawing art fantasies, because when I look at the picture of the woman screaming out I swear I hear her. See you later I am off to find this Silverman ...he's hot!


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